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I’m not much of a writer but I thought this challenge would be fun and with only a few days of the faire left I thought I’d give it a go.

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The stench of rotting food and unwashed bodies permeated the air as Alexandria slowly climbed the stairs leading to the deck of the ship. The creaky stairs groaned in protest with each step she took, almost sending her fleeing back down knowing the danger that lurked above. If it wasn’t the need for fresh air she would have gladly stayed hidden behind the crates in the cargo hold. It had been three weeks since her stepmother placed her on board this ship telling the captain she didn’t care where she went as long as she never saw her again. She spent days pondering her fate until one night the captain came to tell her that she was bound for an island where she would be sold to the highest bidder. Terrified she had hidden away planning a way to escape… her chance came five days later when a storm blew them off course. The wind had badly damaged the ship and the captain desperate to find a port where they could make repairs shouted gleefully when land was spotted.

Alexandria crept slowly out of the ships hold, forgotten for the moment as the crew celebrated being on land after long weeks at sea, she decided this was her chance to escape. Smoothing her hands down her new pilfered clothing Alexandria hesitantly looked around before creeping her way across the deck. Silently sending up a prayer in gratitude for the heavy downpour that had started shortly after their arrival. She increased her speed almost tumbling down the gangplank in her haste. The docks were nearly deserted but to anyone desperate enough to be out in a night like this would hopefully only see a skinny boy in a hurry to get home. In her haste, Alex stumbled into an old man knocking his basket to the ground spilling its contents onto the muddy lane. Hastily bending down apologizing profusely as she started picking up the items, the old man shook his head assuring her no harm was done. Desperate to know where fate had taken her she took a chance and asked the stranger where she was. His mouth opened slightly before splitting into a toothless grin  “Why lad” he said winking “don’t you know you’re in Dangarnon” … Dangarnon she replied. “Ah yes Dangarnon a wondrous place, a place where a person can get lost in the crowd, a place to start over… I mean, if one wanted that sort of thing. Stunned she jerked her head around to question him, but the man had already disappeared. His laughter trailing off in the wind as Alex looked frantically around. A shiver passing over her she started back up the lane hoping to find shelter but the old man’s words kept coming back to her. Finally, she found a hidden spot to stay dry, thinking of all that had passed in the last few weeks she finally smiled. Destiny had brought her here for a reason. She would have her revenge, from this day forward her fate was now hers to decide, and it would all start here in this marvelous place called Dangarnon.