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PAWSitively PURRfect
This year one of the blogger challenges for The Fantasy Faire was “My New Shiny“. I don’t normally stray too far from my “human” form in Second Life so it came as quite a shock to me when I fell in love with Dinkies. I had heard a few people talking about them in chat and when I came across the store while exploring the sim I decided to see what they were all talking about. OMG they are adorable, but still I’m not one to walk around as a kitty… then I saw them, there were outfits too and I’m talking the cutest outfits you’ve ever seen. I decided to take a chance and try it out I mean it was for a good cause right… I had so much fun watching myself walk around I couldn’t stop laughing Dinkies are adorable. My AO gave my kitten quite the sassy little walk and all my dancing animations worked as well.  According to the note card ” Dinkies are a litter of tiny biped kittens, around 2ft tall. Being biped,  most of the default human animations work very well.  One exception to this is the default groundsit, so I have included a Dinkies kitty AO which includes a new groundsit animation as well as a cute stand pose. You will find most other human animations, dances and gestures will also work well. Note that ‘quad’ and ‘Tiny’ animations will not be suitable.”

Although I’m not quite ready to give up my human form altogether you will definitely  be seeing me and most likely others wondering around in these adorable forms. I highly recommend you look for them at the Fantasy Faire. The Dinkies shop is located in the Breeze district of the Fairelands.

Mesh Avatar: Dinkies – Siamese @ Fantasy Faire
Outfit: Dinkies – Luna Pearl Flapper Dress (includes accessories) @ Fantasy Faire
Photo Location: The Trace Too